Monday, February 17, 2003

At the beginning of the creation,God made man & woman.Man was the symbol of power,fighting & violence.Woman was the symbol of beauty,acuminate & incorporeity.And also with many other enfranchises.They were (and also are)the same.But unfortunately greedy men began to seis all the authority & because they knew that women have wonderful powers,didn't let them to improve & little by little women lost their place of life.By the way men knew that they every think to women but they didn't show feelings about it.By this woman was only a human(and belike abjecter than a human)to cook & wash & grow children for men,and also an erogenc for them! Women couldn't work out,they had to stay at home & do the disgusting,hard works.But men didn't adopt these works as job.Women couldn't elect.They couldn't display their ideas.They were the immolators.